Inhale content, exhale precision

The name, Curlicue Language Services, was inspired by the concept of a curlicue; a precise, fancy twist or curl crafted with a pen or other fine detail tool. It is found in visual arts, architecture, calligraphy and scrollwork.

We aspire to create the same precision in language by taking a modern, adaptive approach.

About the owner

Danielle-Marie Kruger founded Curlicue Language Services in 2020 after establishing her skills for more than a decade in corporate and stakeholder communication.

Dani specialises in the intricate language used in integrated, sustainability and financial reporting. She applies her skills to any platform, which makes her an invaluable asset to any client pursuing her services. These services demand that she conducts her business ethically and transparently, giving her clients assurance of her commitment to non-disclosure and confidentiality.

Her achievements and qualifications include:

Dani is pursuing content creation and continuously refines her skills. As a knowledge seeker, she now offers SEO content writing and editing. 

Dani also uses her skills as a teaching platform to educate organisations and their employees on the effective use of language in corporate and other communications.

She executes her duties with professionalism that is beyond reproach. Dani is extremely devoted and passionate and has an astute approach and inquiring mind, allowing her to adapt to clients and their needs.

We guarantee a fast, accurate turnaround.

Dani is extremely devoted. Her astute approach and inquiring mind are key traits she adopts to understand her client’s needs. She is eager to offer solutions and recommendations and is valued for her determination and well accredited for her resolute attitude to purposefully deliver.

| Rebekah Marshall, GMF